Tuesday, December 7, 2010


   On Monday our Interior Architecture class was split up into groups and assigned a critique to sit in on, I went to the 2nd Year critique.
   I got to the room, where the critique was going to be held, early and watched as the presenters and other students filtered in. Once the critique started I asked the 2nd Year students what the assignment was. They all gave me a blank look... One girl said that it was given "with a lot of words and vocabulary that [they] didn't understand." Basically they interpreted it how they thought best.
  Many of the projects pulled concepts from their first assignment which was "Extrapulating the Human Body."
  The presenters said that they had to create a set of rules, before attempting the project, and not break those rules. They explained that it was harder than they though to not break the rules and some of them had to be rephrased.
  It was interesting to see the 2nd Year students' critique and even more interesting to see what my projects might be like next year!


The first semester of Drafting has come to an end. I don't consider myself a strong drafter but I definitely am proud of how far I have come this semester. At first I was completely lost in the assignments and had no idea where to even start but with the help of my teachers and fellow students I learned how to understand the concepts. Although I did many drafting assignments this semester, my favorite one is the last one we were assigned:

The assignment was to pick a picture in a magazine and trace back the lines to find the horizon line and vanishing point. I'm glad this was our last assignment because it really made it possible for me to see that I now know how to draft!


Our final project was to create a Luminair.
My luminair was inspired by a "light phenomenon" where the light changed colors simply by reflecting off something.
I used the lathe to carve a bowl out of wood. The inside is painted coral so that the light reflects off of the paint and casts an intense coral glow.