Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wooden Sculpture

I had no idea what I was doing when I went into the woodshop.
This project was cool because I got to learn about all the tools in the shop and experiment with all of them.


What is LIGHT?
Light can be described as something that makes things visible. It can also be associated with spirituality.light, according to dictionary.com, is "illumination or radiance from a particular source."

James Turrel was born in Los Angeles on May 6, 1943. One of his professions includes making art with light. My favorite work by him is called "Light Reign." Light Reign was installed in 2003, it is a small room with a unique skylight that is used to observe the atmosphere on a deeper level. It is a very calming structure.

Another light artist named Paul Friedlander has a very different approach to his art. In 2003 Friedlander had an exhibit at the Sonic Light Conference. The exhibit consisted of "visual music," including multiple concerts and different light arrangements. 

Turrel and Friedlander's light art contrast in that Friedlander's are more of a combination of light and sound and Turrel's combine light and architecture

Both of these artists inspire awe and curiosity to the people lucky enough to view their work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Understanding Light

This was definitely the most frustrating project I have been assigned yet.
We had to take a picture of a "light phenomenon," then draw it and create a 3D representational model.
After spending hours on this display, I wish it didnt look so much like a kindergardener did it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



-Elevation Oblique
     -Plan Oblique
My isometric view of the shapes were almost completely correct. I unfortunately used the wrong method to draw the hole in the side of Object A.

My elevation oblique view of the shapes were my most successful. My line quality and pencil weight was good and it was accurately drawn.
My plan oblique view of the shapes were my least successful.  Some of my angles were incorrect on Object B. The method I used to draw the hole in the side of Object A was also incorrect.

     -Tape Dispenser

I think that my drawing of the Tape Dispenser is well done. The line weight and quality is consistent, it is correctly spaced, and it is accurately measured and drawn.