Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Good Design For All" BP12

     I believe that the Empire State Building represents "good design for all" because it employs the concepts of commodity, firmness, and delight. 
     The Empire State Building was built during the Great depression in New York City. Designed by William F. Lamb, construction began in 1930 and ended slightly over a year later, in 1931. It features an Art Deco style and by manipulating steel, limestone, aluminum, granite, and concrete the structure is both elegant and modern. For forty years the Empire State Building held the title of "tallest building in the world," and today it continues to be one of the tallest. It has one hundred and two stories and a circumference of over 100 miles can be viewed from the 102nd story. This structure is used for office space, communication, observation, and retail. The Empire State Building was and is important to Americans because it symbolizes man's attempt and achievement of the impossible. In 1986 it was named a National Historic Landmark. Over 130,000 people visit the empire state building each year. The Empire State Building frequently appears in literature, television, and movies since it's construction. 

Empire State Building

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  1. Nice analysis of the Empire State Buildings history. Perhaps, go into specific detail about how it is commodious, firm, and delightful since you stated that this was the reason it was good design.