Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Scandinavian Influence" BP13

         Scandinavian modern design has had a beneficial affect on present day design. Scandinavian design began in the 1950's as a design movement focused on simplicity, fundamentalism, and performance. Much of what was affected by this movement was both inexpensive and mass produced. A good example of how Scandinavian influence is still existent in today's design society is IKEA. IKEA is an incredibly successful Swedish company that sells home decor and appliances. The majority of IKEA products are not pre-assembled, saving the company time and the consumer money. There are IKEA stores all around the world and appeal to customers because of how inexpensive and simple the designs are. Scandinavian modern design has had an interesting influence on present day design.  

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  1. Nice commentary about Ikea, you tie the past with the present. Would be nice to close with a sentence that isn't so bland and general though.