Monday, April 18, 2011

In Class Discussion

     Today we split up into groups and discussed how the Eames' legacy plays into today's "Design Star" philosophy. Design Star is a T.V show, through which contestants compete for their own design show. Judges assign projects that have to be finished in a certain amount of time with limited resources. Participants do not need to be educated in design or have design experience.

As a student with a design-based major, I spend countless hours working on projects and presentations. In my opinion shows like Design Star, where the design industry is basically available to anyone, are incredibly frustrating. I think that education and experience play a huge role in the 'real world.' When someone wants to hire a designer they want someone that knows what they are doing. Education can be a huge reassurance to clients that you are not only knowledgeable but have also had professional guidance. Experience adds to your client's and your confidence in you as a designer.

Charles and Ray Eames' design process and the TV contestants' are very different. Eames' design has evolved through a lifetime, it is real and passionate. Their designs are well thought out and detail oriented.  Eames' products are not only made to please, they are made to last. The media portrays the design industry as this glamorous career (in fact, Design Star's logo is "Guts.Glory.Glam.") that anyone can do. I think that the media can be seen as insulting to the designers who have dedicated their lives to their passion for design.

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