Monday, April 4, 2011

"Modern Monument" BP11

The Washington Monument integrates modern design concepts as well as ideas from the world's architectural past. This famous structure has a sleek and simple facade that stretches up to the heavens, giving it a contemporary appearance. On the other hand, it refers to ancient history with its' pyramid-esq crown. Our hunger for modernization has always been a societal motivator, but it spiked in the beginning of the 20th century. Our architectural advancement was a attempt to conform to the fundamental ideas of architectural design with the increasing industrialization and expansion of trade. Going through societal development gave our country a sense of achievement. In the beginning of the twentieth century, we were in need of the feeling of success and stability as a country because of our involvement in and distress caused by the two world wars. The Washington Monument is a treasured symbol of american ingenuity.  

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  1. Great analysis. You explained how the Washington monument was modern and how it related to the importance of modernization all in a concise format.